What sorcery is this? This is MIS.

64-year-old female with increasing bunion pain, metatarsalgia sub 2 and 3, as well as valgus deformity of the lesser digits.   Procedures performed:– Bosch Bunionectomy with Akin osteotomy and no lateral release or bong shaving– 2nd and 3rd DMMO procedures to both shorten and rotate in a clockwise direction to redirect digits into rectus position […]

What can minimally invasive foot surgery add to my practice?

Minimally invasive techniques have expanded across all disciplines of surgery because of some obvious and well-known advantages.  These include less complications due to nerve injury, less scar tissue and stiffness, less vascular disruption, and much more aesthetically pleasing scars.  The reduction in scar tissue, and vascular disruption also leads to a faster recovery with less […]